Reasons for choosing Puza Education:

  • Education by the Complete learning method
  • Flexible hours
  • Special programs for students
  • Beginning education without waiting for opening a new class
  • One-to-one lessons with teachers instead of class studies
  • Online Information System where the exam scores of each students, success graphic, teacher's comments and absences can be seen by a private password and student number
  • The acknowledged expert and experienced teacher staff. (we do not have any trainee teachers).
  • Current countless resources which are carefully prepared by the Professional Staff of Puza Education and continuously updated in accordance with the purposes (leaf tests, assignment booklets, pilot tests and screening tests, books)
  • Guidance for the Domestic and Foreign university choices, applications and placements executed by our professional education consultants and career consultants...
  • Constant success evaluation of students by our educational psychology expert and establishing constant contact with parents in order to increase level of success.
  • Preparing special academic programs for the term of education and making assignment follow-ups.
  • The main office and branches of Puza Education are located in central and elite places of cities in order our students to have their education in an easily accessible, calm and comfortable environment.

Complete Learning Method

As a result of its 12 years of experience, all exam preparations and mathematics education of Puza Education are based on the Complete Learning Method. According to this;

There are differences between the learning capacities and learning durations of students. However, if sufficient time is provided and correct methods are applied, every student can learn any subject. According to the Complete Learning Method, the next subject is not begun unless the current subject is completely understood.

The basic information deficiencies of students are completed by daily studies and additional lessons by taking the wrong information and knowledge deficiencies brought by the students from their past. By this way, it avoided that the students come across several information which they cannot cope with.

After, a month long preparatory classes, the students take the Placement Test and then they are placed in the classes appropriate for their levels. Our late registered students are subjected to an Accelerated Course and they continue taking additional lessons until they catch the level of their class. By this way, each student is able to reach the level of his/her class and these increases the efficient attendance of the student in lessons.

By means of the daily assignment and tests and their regular checks, the students continue their education under the supervision of our teachers.

The Subject Screening Tests which are applied in every two weeks are intended to determine the deficiencies of students. By means of these exams established by questions related with all studied subjects, the interest of students in previously learned subjects is always kept alive.

Flexible hours

The course program hours and days are planned according to the school and working hours of the students, also the one-to-one lessons are prepared in accordance with the request of the students, for student groups one of the time and day options determined for normal classes is preferred and the study programs and one-to-one extra lessons included in the program are planned according to the request of the students.

Professional education consultant

It is not always sufficient to get a good grade in order to become successful and achieve the planned goal at the end of the exam, our Professional education consultants prepare the most accurate choice system in order to make use of your score and chose your school and branch which will direct your future and follow your applications.

Our educational psychology expert

The main factors of a successful preparation for an exam are correct and sufficient information, correct studying method, test solving skills and experience. Our education consultants provide trainings to our students in test solving skills and techniques, studying methods and follow the general situation, success status and progress of the students throughout the term of education by the sessions they hold with our students.

Puza Education System undertakes the follow-up of students beyond its students and their parents by going out of classical private teaching institution pattern, the main purpose for limiting our student capacity is to perform the psychological consultancy and educational coaching of each student as well as take the exam and lesson success graphics under control in more detail.

The psychological status of students is the prerequisite for success in an exam. It cannot be expected from a student who has exam anxiety and private problems to get grades over his/her capacity. Therefore, our Educational Psychology expert follows the psychological conditions of our students and helps them continue their education most efficiently and get parallel grades.

Special Program for Students

The students of Puza Education are provided special programs for them by considering the following criteria into consideration;

Student's level: By the Placement Test applied at the registration phase, the knowledge and exam experience of students are analyzed and the programs are prepared by considering the deficient and weak spots considering this information.

Term of education: The education schedule and density are determined for the remaining education term by taking the date of students' exams as limit.

Academic schedule: The times and days of the schedule of the students are planned according to their school or working hours.

Assignment Check: Classroom tests are taken at the end of each subject. It is ensured that the deficiencies determined as a result of these tests are resolved by make-up lessons. At the end of each lesson, homework/assignments are given and they are checked in the following class whether they are done or not. The points determined in the assignment checks to be deficient for the student are retold.

Exam Analysis: At the end of each pilot and screening tests, the exam analyses of students are performed; additional studies and private lessons are planned for the deficiencies and mistakes of students. The deficiencies in test solving techniques and exam psychology problems which are also determined as a result of these analyses are satisfied by the one-to-one discussions applied by our educational psychology experts and consultants.

Student Information System: Online Information System where the daily updated exam scores of each students, success graphics, assignment charts, teacher's notes and comments and absences can be seen by our students through a private password and their student number.

As a result of its 12 years of experience, all exam preparations and mathematics education of Puza Education are based on the Complete Learning Method.


Our professional education consultants prepare the most accurate choice system in order to make use of your score and chose your school and branch which will direct your future and follow your applications.